Saturday, 12 May 2012

General thought about how my cycling is going so far

Rubbish, < this word pretty much sums up the season I have been having so far. Excellent will be the word that sums up last quarter of the season, I hope to win at least one race this season, I have picked a road race called GT Ellingworth. The race consists of a 48mile course with rolling hills and a couple of tight sections. The race information can be viewed here in more detail.

I have picked this race because I will have entered a fair few races by this point and become more experienced and hopefully my training will have had chance to shine by this point as well. As for the races I will be entering in between now and then well I will just be entering random races as my living situation is not totally stable at this point in time. I am moving around a fair bit (this also affects training) and if I haven't made a solid living base within the next couple of weeks things are only likely to become more unstable.

I have the problem of sorting the Giant as well which looks like the only reasonable solution is to replace the frame. There's one extremely good reason for this which is, the insurance for the bike only gives fair payouts on broken bikes that are new-ish. Putting a new frame on the Giant means money lost in a crash will be significantly reduced. For now though I am going to repair the frame my self as it is relatively easy to do and I have a thing about other people doing mechanical repairs for me. I guess I just like to know the job is done right, if I do it I only have my self to blame.

I am going to do some re-con on the race this week and see what I am getting my self into. I have been on most if not all the roads before but it would be good to see where the danger spots are and where the breaks will happen so a couple of laps on the actual course would be an advantage.

This is all I have for now... One of my future posts will be possible Giant frame replacements...

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