Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wow it has been a while

Ok so whats going on?

Well I have moved. Basically I have gone from cycling on my own every day to riding with my old club again :D

Before I started writing this blog I was racing for a club in the West Midlands - Stratford CC. Stratford CC is an awesome club with many friendly members. Unfortunately towards the end of 2011 summer  lost my job and by the time Christmas had arrived I had totally run out of money and had to move back home with my parents...

Recently after many painful applications and rejections a friend came through for me and got me a trial day as a chef... Unfortunately I did not perform to the head chefs standards (I was a bit slow, and they were lightning fast), so back to the drawing board it was. After only a couple more applications the same friend rings me and says "Mike we have someone who's leaving on the bar, do you want the position?" I presented this to my parents, I can't say too much because I promised I wouldn't but to cut a story short I am now in Stratford.

There is such a difference when you train with people...

1. Motivation goes through the roof!
2. Boredom factor drops through the floor!
3. The number of missed training days is not worth counting (seriously low)

It is finally sunny in England too! But shhhhhh! You might scare it away...

So life is great, the Giants repairs have not been attempted yet because I have been too busy riding and working  but they will get done soon ... eh-hum hopefully :D

That's all for now but I will send photos soon of the new roads and scenery I now train along, soon :D

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