Thursday, 12 April 2012

As Promised More about Me and Cycling

OK so on my bike I spend a huge amount of time in my head thinking about various things such as what my goals are in life and what my goals are with cycling...

THEY BOTH SEEM TO BE THE SAME THING... My life basically is cycling and I have only really realised this in the past year or so. Everything I do weather it is work, eating, sleeping or thinking dreaming etc, is all towards cycling. I don't even bother reading non cycling magazines or books anymore. EVERYTHING IS CYCLING, and CYCLING IS EVERYTHING TO ME!!! Take it away and there isn't much in the world.

OK so you have the view now that I have a pretty strong attraction/obsession towards the cycling life/sport, and obviously you are 100% correct. You are also probably thinking 'Damn why doesn't this dude get a girlfriend'. Well there is a simple answer to that as well, GIRLS DO NOT INTEREST ME! NO I AM NOT GAY! (I don't care about sexuality in others I just to care to be judged before I am known)

 At this point in my life I see girls as a 100% distraction from my sport, to the point where I CANNOT talk to a girl without thinking that if I asked her out on a date it would develop and distract me from cycling and I will miss my window to becoming something that I want to be - PRO.

I AM NOT A PRO CYCLIST yet, I don't think that I could be TOUR DE FRANCE good but I do think that I could be PRO based on what I have seen in racing so far. The trouble is with being Tour De France good is that it really does require that massive edge which I most definitely have physically (there is NO SHADOW OF A DOUBT in my mind about that). What I don't have is consistency to train, without consistency in the PRO cycling world you are and you have NOTHING! This is especially true in the Tour PRO's.

Well I shall stop rambling about training and consistency for now and ramble about something else... If you want to know more about training you will need to pick up a training book or watch some you tube videos and then pick up a book when you realise how useless MOST of the You Tube Vids are.


I picked cycling probably for the same reason many of you reading this blog have picked cycling, IT SET ME FREE.
Cycling literally set me free when I was younger. If my parents were pissing me off I would go hop on my little mountain bike for a blast round the village. If I wanted to go exploring then I would go off on my trusty steel steed (unfortunately I have no photos of me when I was younger or my bikes) but yer cycling did set me free.

Why is cycling so popular?

There are 3 things that I can think of here;

  1. Cycling is awesome
  3. Childhood memories/buried feelings
There are a lot more than 3 things to be thought of when it comes to that question, and if your answer is "cycling is awesome" then that is awesome enough for me ;D

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