Thursday, 19 April 2012

Boi OOOOOH Boi Things I missed today

WOW how I missed these bad boys today. For those of you who don't know what these are these are SealSkinz as written on the glove to the right there >

Now these bad boys + hat will keep you warm in disgustingly cold temperatures, I have worn these in -10C and I have been sweating on a gentle ride!!! The key thing they have going for them is they both have Primaloft insulation... I don't know in all fairness what the hell Primaloft is but I know one thing!!! Its is lovely and warm!

Now I left my front door in the UK Lincolnshire today expecting to do a lovely ride (without my lobster gloves)   and still be lovely and warm. What happens! It rains! Now in all fairness a little rain I expected but not as much as I got and also the temp dropped really low too!

As I came up to this corner I got the shock of my life, these Fords are not normally into the grass, they are normally a little pathetic puddle in the middle of the road. When I got to this Ford I was coming towards the camera I did not have this view. Here is how I got to the other side!

Lucky me there is a pathway there :D   The Pathway was great new BUT! what you can't see from here is the OVERSHOE penetrating, sock filling, flooded mess patch of grass you have to walk on before you got to this god send of a pathway, TALK ABOUT ANNOYING! So I took this photo as I thought there is NO WAY IN HELL that I have just filled up my crappy Specialized shoes in FREEZING cold temperatures with 40Miles left to ride without getting a PHOTO and a story for the blog!

These are the gloves I chose to ware and I recommend them to NO ONE!

I know from previous experience that these gloves FAIL to work below 3C which is rubbish I bought them to replace my old BBB thick winter gloves and they were great (I have no photos but they were great). The temperature today was 4-5C maybe 6C I think and some light showers were expected but nothing serious. So I thought I would give the Lobster bad boys a miss and trust these bringers of cold! The temperature started well then started to drop a little, then the heavens opened and I froze to death for the remainder of the ride! OH CHIBA Gloves, is it time for the bin with you?!

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