Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ooops haven't posted for a while

Hi guys, sorry it has been 9 days since my last post. The weather is still no better by the way! So why has it been 9 days? Well short answer is training basically combined with being pretty tired afterwards, ZOMBIE MODE!

My training load is quite high at the minute so I am probably suffering a little bit with over training seeing as yesterday I had blocked sinuses (start of a cold) etc... This is a big sign of over training for me along with feeling down etc... Seeing as I do feel like over training is the issue here I will cut my training down a little, probably put in a second rest day or something.

So what has happened in 9 days?

Well training, training and you guessed it! More training!!! Obviously I have had to clean my bike quite a lot as well because I live in the middle of nowhere, which basically means in the UK that you live in the middle of a bunch of fields with roads going through them. 

I actually have my first road race tomorrow as well which I am pretty excited about :D Its only 35 miles which means it will be less that 1hr 30. This is great news for me because I am well suited to shorter distances at faster paces. I am not actually that sure about how well I will do in the race seeing as I have been putting all my training time in to endurance and not going quick for short times. However I am naturally suited to explosive efforts so I should do ok I guess.

Above is a photo of some sheep... I don't honestly know why I am adding this but you can see the types of roads I train down. I also learnt down this road that my sheep scaring sound, sounds like a duck quacking!  Yep... I road down this road quacking like a duck to scare the sheep so I didn't hit them! That being said, I find this act far less embarrassing than people asking me "Mike, how did you break your collarbone?" - Response - "Ah, well... Erm, yer!".

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