Thursday, 12 April 2012

Back to the Weight Thing - RANT

So as you may have read in the post previous to this one I think I am slightly light and at the same time I don't think I am light enough. I had a nasty reminder yesterday about my weight on a training run which is what prompted me to talk about my weight in yesterdays post. I BONKED/HIT THE WALL/ALMOST BLACKED OUT... What was even more worrying was it was not even a particularly long training ride or intensive to say the least!!!

There has to be a time in a racing cyclists life where they say AM I TOO LIGHT? If you ask your self this question then the answer is probably yes... The clue is the fact you asked your self a leading question!

3KG in one ride!

I can loose 3KG in weight in one ride... This is fine natural and normal. What isn't fine natural and normal is that I don't seem to be able to put the weight back on again! BIG PROBLEM! If you don't put the weight back on before your next session GUESS WHAT! YOUR BODY SHUTS DOWN! Unfortunately for me this happened on a relatively small training ride, but! I am experienced enough to know what happened and where I went wrong. Lots of you others aren't!!!


What happens if I over-eat? - EAT LESS, get on those scales every morning and weigh your self. Get an idea of what weight is...! If you don't see your self going up and down in those pounds everyday then you will have no idea how much to EAT!!! COMMON MISTAKE!!!

OK so having successfully turned my weight issues into a RANT/Self help load! I think I will call it a night...

  1. Told you I was weird!
  2. Stay away from the cheeseburgers!
  3.  Cycle and BE FREE!!!                 < "what a weirdo" "who says that on a blog!"

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