Saturday, 28 April 2012


So as promised here are some pics and info about my race bike, the one I am using tomorrow for my 35 mile pointless road race. I will get to why it is pointless in another post but for now well shall concentrate on the TCR.

Sorry to break this one to you ladies it is only the TCR Composite which means it is the cheaper one, unfortunately I cannot justify buying a TCR Advanced just yet as I stick by the rule Race what you can afford to replace! That's something I was taught by one of my best mates...!

When I first bought the bike it came with Shimano 105 and then I bought another frame (the Forme which you have already seen) and put the 105 on that and brand new Ultegra on this.
I will be doing a post on 105 and Ultegra comparison later in the week, so watch out for that!
Here is the front brake calliper with some nasty cheap carbon brake pads in it! Do NOT trust eBay for brake pads! I have failed every time! These things barely stop the wheel and the reason why I keep them in is because they are wearing down quick and it would be a waste of £13, I know I should stop being so tight and buy better ones!

This is the lovely bike its self! As explained already it has Ultegra throughout and FSA wheels with Vittoria Corsa CR Tubs. This is a Schweet bike and really light too at 7.6Kg. I have just realised 
that spacers have not been taken out from the last time I rode it ( I was recovering from a crash and raised the 
stem to suit injuries). Basically I broke my collarbone and couldn't reach down properly to ride, this was ages 
ago so no excuse to still have it like this...!


  1. That's a pretty gal you've got there Mikey. Did that wheel set come with that bike? Which ones are those? They really make your bike look nice.

    I hope you have a good race! What kind of race is it? Details! Details! :)

    PS. Money spent on 'stopping when you need to,' is money well spent. You should probably replace those breaks sooner rather than later. ;)

    1. Thanks C.G. The wheelset did not come with the bike I had to buy these separately but they were a good deal on eBay. They are FSA RD-488 and I got them second hand. They are pretty stiff, good sprinters wheels or short distance TT wheels. They are also really good value for money you can pick a pair of these up now for less that £500 brand new and I don't think you would get a huge benefit from buying Dura Ace over FSA 488.

      Erm the race didn't go so well - I couldn't get insurance on my bike in time for the race and it was wet with 60mph winds down a really tight pothole filled course. Totally not fun however I would have done it if I had the insurance (really annoyed - but that's racing). Just to clarify insurance isn't necessary to race in the UK it just looked like a good idea with the weather so I chose to back out and go for the next race which is this weekend.

      I completely agree about the stopping issue, I am actually thinking of going for carbon Kool Stops, (Supposedly the best on the market) I will do a post on these too!